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Body of Work I from Thomas Stevens

Virtual Gallery Room 7 ±2
Seven artworks in various media based on the same model. I attended a life drawing class in college, and have been doing figurative work ever since.

Some of these works are sold or in private collections, but most are available.

Click on each image for more details about the artwork, and share this link with others who you think will enjoy. Email or text me to inquire about or purchase available works.
919-360-2249 / tis@thomasstevens.com / www.thomasstevens.com

  • Will
Oil on Linen
30 x 20 x 1.5 in

Nude Study
  • Nude Study
Charcoal on Paper
22 x 30 in

Nude Study (Green)
  • Nude Study (Green)
Oil on Canvas Board
10 x 8 in

Nude (golden)
  • Nude (golden)
Oil On Canvas
10 x 8 in

  • Nude
Charcoal, Wax Medium on Board
10 x 8 x 0.75 in

Nude Study
  • Nude Study
conte on paper
8 x 6 in

Nude (monochrome)
  • Nude (monochrome)
Oil on Canvas Card
8 x 6 in
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