A Little Different...works stretching my usual oeuvre from Thomas Stevens

Virtual Gallery Room 7 ±2
Seven works that differ from my typical work, experiments in novel media, format, or treatment.

More specifically....
Almost all of my landscape paintings are in a square format, not so the Sunrise and Moonset painting.
I do monochrome figure work regularly, but few landscapes; Dawn Lake Orange and the Occaneechi paintings being exceptions.
I paint the view of Meadowlands Pond regularly, but the included piece is an experiment using colored pencil.
The latter landscape, and the nudes, are drawings mounted on cradled board and sealed with wax medium so they can be displayed like paintings, rather than under glass.

Click on each image for more details about the artwork, and share this link with others who you think will enjoy.
Email or text me to inquire about or purchase available works.
919-360-2249 / tis@thomasstevens.com / www.thomasstevens.com

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