Solos at Steel City -- Featuring a Collection of Works by Sandra Sedmak Engel from Teresa Haag

A year of Solo Shows featuring hand-selected artists at Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery in Downtown Phoenixville, PA. Brought to you by The Artist Initiative and Steel City Coffeehouse.

Mar 7- 30 - Carnivale

"I have recently been lucky enough to connect with a drawing group based in Europe and have found a whole new world to explore. Beauty out of the pandemic, I have connected with a continent I have longed for all my life. Working with these artists during the celebration of “Carnivale”, I was able to travel through time and explore the world, even though I was creating work in my own little studio here in the states.

Colors came alive inside me, and I felt a freedom that I was afraid I had lost. I think this is just the beginning of an exciting body of work that's still swirling in my head. Please enjoy the ride." -- Sandra Sedmak Engel

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