10x10 Invitational 2021 from Pyramid Atlantic

December 4, 2021–January 2, 2022

The 7th annual 10×10 Invitational Exhibition boasted over 200 pieces of original artwork donated to Pyramid by artists who love the nonprofit art center—providing a great opportunity for collectors of all levels to get interesting pieces by talented artists at a remarkable price.

This annual exhibition-slash-fundraiser has just two rules: all work must measure 10 x 10 inches and be priced at $50. Buyers receive instant gratification, as they are able to take the art home immediately. As a bonus, 10×10 gets rearranged as pieces sell, encouraging repeat visits to see what’s new.

Artists with studios, residencies, or exhibitions at Pyramid over the past year are invited to participate. Additional artists are nominated by a committee. This year’s committee included Imar Hutchins, John Thomas Paradiso, Risikat Okedeyi, Edgar Reyes, and Alec Simpson. Thanks to their work, the exhibition boasts an impressive roster of artists.

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