Standing Still, mini-series 2021 from J. Jay West

This series of highly textured mixed media small works is created to bring awareness of climate change and its impact on our oceans' health. Each painting mirrors a beach from an aerial perspective.

From the artist, J. Jay West, "I feel we have reached a tipping point in terms of the continued degradation of our environment. We are Standing Still in terms of world leaders to do the right thing for the future of humankind. We can go one way or another."

"I have always been inspired by the ocean and the ever-changing wave patterns. I am mesmerized by the translucent and glimmering color palette found when viewing from the shoreline. I challenged myself to create these small works because all of my works are much larger," said West.

Jay's current body of work has evolved over the years. She manipulates wet paper pulp processed from newsprint, brown sack, and office paper to imitate ocean waves. Sometimes she will affix Stash teabag packaging shaped from traditional Hawaiian kapa beaters. She also incorporated recycled plastic from hearing aid battery packaging to create abstract coral reefs.

Individually signed and dated on the back. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Comes framed and ready to hang. Shipping available.

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