Zanya Dahl

4 Degrees

  • Oi on Canvas
  • 24 x 18 x 1.5 in
  • €1,500.00
  • Zanya Dahl
  • Available

This piece imagines what might happen if we allow our climate to get 4 degrees warmer .

Polar bears are such an iconic symbol of life in the Arctic. It’s tragic to watch their habitat melting beneath them, witness the starvation they’re enduring and the looming threat of extinction. In my painting of the future, this has already happened - I placed them as a taxodermy exhibits in a museum. Clean air is in limited supply so each child relies on their own oxygen tank to breathe. I wanted to convey the burdens and restrictions they endure to be able to survive in a warmer world where there’s less clean air to breathe.

I chose red for the children’s clothing to give a sense of heat in contrast to the cool blue of the climate our planet needs to survive. The lower half of the painting melts, drips and fades into obsoletion.


Framing is available upon request.

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