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Into the Light

Whitewall - On Site Exhibition

Skin Hunger

This piece is a visual exploration of the fundamental importance of human connection, both physical and emotional. It’s also a reflection on something that I recently experienced on my own skin, living far from my family in Italy, and being unable to go to support my father during his last days.

The current pandemic and the last year have really put us face to face with our demons, making us rethink our lives, perhaps discovering the meaning in things that we never valued before or we simply took for granted.

Not only the need of physically being together, but also the needs of a shared sense of identity, understanding, and reciprocity, which are often forgotten albeit the base of our existence. These ideals have reemerged as a necessity from this historical period.

COVID-19 is an example of how our society is so poorly oriented in thematics related to the mind and emotions, focusing only on technical problems and economical aspects.

Restrictions don’t take in consideration the impact on people mentally, rather just the physical aspects. When we are thinking about this as a health crisis we should keep thinking about mental and physical health together, and not separate ideas.

  • Current Location: Whitewall
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