Susan Grucci

Chaos Personified

  • Old Oil paintings/collaged with various material
  • 23 x 31 x 1 in
  • $950.00
  • Susan Grucci

Available through CBG - Contact: and

Old Oil Painting Canvas ' removed from stretchers, Reconfigured cutting up by following flow of design.
Glued to board, Oil Paint, Collage pictures of eyes from New York Times Newspaper from 1920-1938. Gold Pen and material. Magazine pieces added.

This current piece reflects the serious amount of upset that the Coronavirus caused millions of people from around the Globe. The added pieces of "eyes" from the New York Times 1920-1938 represented so many aspects of the world we are living in at this time. We are seeing things that we have never experienced before, and because of the internet it takes information to us on a whole different level than the people who are represented throughout this piece.

All eyes are on Politics, we are viewing different countries and their experiences during these troubled times. We are the lookers, we are seen. At times all this information entering my consciousness caused an overload of thoughts and reflection a feeling of Chaos - about the world as we know it. It was important to be able to create this piece, it helped me to put those feelings into my Art and focus on moving ahead.

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
  • Created: June 2020
  • Inventory Number: #002
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