Summit County Public Art

In Aloma Ecranbrak's oil on canvas "Serenity," five Canadian Geese glide through the changing evening light over a marshy lake. A chain of blue mountains echoes the shape and connectedness of the geese, while in the foreground, reedy marsh grass forms a nice contrast in both color and texture to the swoop of mountains. The geese seem both more and less real than the other elements of the painting. The geese are slightly stylized with distinct shapes making up their forms almost as if they were cut from stained glass.

Aloma Ercanbrack was born and raised in Coalville, Utah, and moved to Round Valley in Morgan County after marrying her husband, Gene Ercanbrack. As a young girl, Aloma always had a coloring book and crayons with her. She loved sketching animals, especially horses, but was interested in everything creative. In addition to painting, she loved writing and wrote many award-winning roadshows, poems, skits, etc. She also loved directing and working with young people. She directed roadshows, high school musicals, alumni assemblies for North Summit High School, skits for the relief society, and other events. She also loved dancing and choreographed many productions in Summit County including production numbers for the Miss Summit County contest and for the Miss America Scholarship Pageants. She studied painting formally, then paused in her studies when she moved to Morgan, and picked it up again later in life. Most of her paintings were created with someone special in mind "Serenity" was originally painted for a hunter friend. While Aloma enjoyed all forms of art, painting was her favorite.

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