The marshes of New England have been an ongoing source of exploration and fascination for as long as McCarthy has been painting landscapes. The idea of water flowing mysteriously underground and through the channels in the landscape makes for intriguing concepts of composition. Landscape takes on a whole different meaning once it becomes a marsh, now it is sacred. Modulation of colors reflecting from the sky add to the vitality of the landscape. The painting is unframed, with the painted imagery on the canvas seamlessly wrapping around the edges to create visual interest from all angles.

William McCarthy is an award winning atmospheric landscape painter whose works have a luminous quality achieved through his own technique of using many layers of diluted oil color, glazing and varnish. All of his paintings derive from his memory and imagination and speak about places that contain a quiet inner light radiating an ethereal whisper. His artistry is based on his brilliant handling of light and texture and his vast knowledge of various methods. He has garnered numerous solo shows throughout the northeast and can be found in private and corporate collections such as the Mayo Clinic, New York Public Library and Yale Art Gallery.

  • Subject Matter: landscape
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