Pebble Beach No. 113

Karen Tusinski makes ample use of texture and repetition of circular shapes through her signature pebbles in Pebble Beach No 113. What we find most interesting to examine are the little compositional paradoxes she sets up for our eye to solve. It's great fun to tease out all the intentional idiosyncrasies Tusinski includes in her work. In the seemingly straightforward Pebble Beach No 113, she includes only one clue to dictate the sense of scale of the scene - the tiny celestial orb in the top right of the sky. And one wonders whether it is actually the sun or the moon... The luminous, thick oil paint is smeared on like frosting across the vast blue sky. The cream rocks are created by digging deep into thick, impasto oil paint to achieve her signature pebble texture. We have several of Tusinski's Pebble Beach series in our gallery inventory, in a variety of blues and a range of sizes. Images and additional information is available upon request.

This unframed painting is painted on all sides, giving it the perfect fresh edge which collectors have found the perfect addition to their beach homes in locales ranging from coastlines dotting New England, the Hamptons, and Sweden.

Karen Tusinski is a painter who lives and works in Rockport, MA, and has exhibited extensively throughout the Northeast. In her work, Tusinski subscribes to the natural contrast found in our world. Geometric and organic forms play together in each piece, combining in an energized abstraction. Common themes include bright poppies in a variety of color schemes, pebble-strewn beaches with tranquil seas, and recurring circular patterns in both abstracts and expressive still-lifes. Tusinski’s work offers pleasing tonal relationships between common motifs and patterns inspired by nature. Her keen observation of the seemingly ordinary allows the viewer a new lens to hold against everyday images, from horizon lines to buds to bowls.

  • Subject Matter: seascape
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