Made for Shade

  • Acrylic on panel with resin finish
  • 30 x 30 in
  • Shelby Dillon
  • Sold

Shelby Dillon’s cheerful and captivating paintings reflect her love of adventure, spontaneity and the simple things in life. A self-described dreamer, Shelby finds joy in long brunches, bubbly on the beach, and impromptu dance parties. Years of travel and a willingness to take the unexpected path translate into colorful, fresh statement pieces designed to help others embrace their own unique journeys. Shelby uses acrylic paint on wood panels, followed by a resin coating that gives her work a wonderful depth and complexity.

Shelby majored in finance at Tulane University and worked in wealth management for two years before leaving the business world. Working for a creative arts studio and waiting tables gave her enough courage to transform a lifelong passion for art into a career.

It was as a newlywed expat living in Southeast Asia and South America that Shelby honed her craft, borrowing from exotic landscapes to shape her unique designs. Today, Shelby continues to take inspiration from wherever life takes her, along with her husband and daughter. Shelby’s hope is for her art to “translate the beauty of this crazy world, both exotic and familiar, into fine art that can be incorporated into everyday life.”

  • Subject Matter: abstract landscape
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