Wildflower 2

"I don't set out to paint a real, live organism" says Penny Putnam explaining how the impetus behind her Wildflower Series blossomed. "Instead I try to infuse the concept of 'life' onto canvas through mixed media materials." Most of the time her efforts result in spontaneous, abstract images of mysterious forms conveying sensitivity and emotion. But on occasion, those marks gather on the canvas in such a way that they suggest an out-of-control and totally 'wild' flower form. "These images are never planned, but I delight in facilitating their organic growth and following their development to completion."

Penny Putnam entices the viewer with her extraordinary sense of color, informed graphic design and deft use of watercolor and mixed media. An award winning abstract painter working on paper or canvas, she teases us with shapes and compositions that are unanticipated. Soft, colorful forms are articulated and enriched to create a densely layered surface reflecting the mystery and beauty of our environment. Putnam’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and is in the collection of the Smilow Hospital in New Haven, CT.

  • Subject Matter: abstract floral
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