Cleopatra in Headdress

  • Scratchboard with blue chalk
  • 6 x 5 in
  • $250.00
  • Rani Young

Scratchboard it a medium I started experimenting with again a few years ago. I absolutely love it. When you make a mark (a scratch), it's there--no taking it away! You have to trust intuition and be in the moment, as any reductive medium proves. I find it akin to wood carving--remove a piece, and it's gone. No erasing--just what's left. I enjoy these types of challenges.

Cleopatra has long been a favorite icon of mine--a strong woman, a leader, and with drama and intrigue swirling about her. I've read a number of books on her, and she was cunning! I prefer to use my mind for good as well as to carry out my goals, and don't plan to murder any siblings or lovers or any combinations therein. Sometimes we take the good with the bad with our icons.

This drawing is matted and framed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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