Joanne Probyn

All The Little Things

  • Acrylic and Medium on Canvas
  • 30 x 15 x 1.5 in
  • C$799.00
  • Joanne Probyn

All The Little Things is created using acrylics and a dense medium to produce a sculptural, impasto-like effect. Circles are a recurring shape in my work that reflect the cyclical, spiritual and inclusive. This composition was inspired by Jerry Saltz, senior art critic, New York Magazine. He wrote “Now is the time for little activisms; every day” in an Instagram post that highlighted his own political protest. All The Little Things, speaks to the small but important actions we can all take to help ourselves, our loved ones and the world. Living in Vancouver, it's possible that I was also influenced by images of the rain. Yellow infuses optimism into this painting and its design is a beautiful interpretation of the ripple effect. All The Little Things may also be displayed horizontally.

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