Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

Belle of the Ball

  • Bronze
  • 16 x 11 x 13 in
  • $2,950.00
  • Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo

Edition of 50

Inspired by the Gloxinia

The meaning for Gloxinia is “love at first sight” and when these beauties are in full bloom they are stunning!

Growing up, my mom grew African Violets, which are a close relative to the Gloxinia. The trumpet shaped blossoms have soft velvety petals and when it comes to caring for them I remember them as being “high maintenance.” They like lots of indirect sun and are sensitive to overwatering particularly on the leaves.

Fiddle-dee-dee indeed.

  • Subject Matter: Figurative and Botanical
  • Reproductions: Available
  • Collections: Metaflors
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