Tigers in the Courtyard

  • 3D Lenticular Transparency
  • 14 x 20 in
  • Peter J Sucy Digital Arts

A pair of tigers get a drink from a abandoned courtyard pool. The scene is in 3D and available as a Limited Edition 3D lenticular transparency. The tigers are also animated, the front tiger follows your head as you move side to side when viewing. Meanwhile, the rear tiger dips it's paw into the pool.

A 3D Lenticular Transparency requires no special glasses to view in 3D.

Available as an Open Edition of 3D Lenticular Transparencies Mounted in a Black 2" Wooden Frame with integral LED backlighting. The 5300°K LED panel is included to ensure proper lighting for the transparencies. A 12 volt 6000ma battery pack/charger, motion sensor and dimmer w/remote are included.

An aluminum tag with the artist's laser engraved signature is affixed to the lower right corner.

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