Monika Gupta

Colors of Life - Floral Oil Painting in Golden Frame

  • Oils
  • 12 x 9 in
    (30.48 x 22.86 cm)
  • $150.00
  • Monika Gupta

I started painting this after making sure that flowers will last a couple of days, and set aside 2 days to paint it!!.... but I was surprised to see how these pretty flowers kept evolving and transforming continuously. 2 buds actually blossomed on my Still Life table.....And as other flowers also bloomed or aged or responded to sunlight (or lack of it) they continuously jostled for space and pushed each other to this side or that even if a little bit!! .....constantly changing my composition!! Its a very subtle process but a very beautiful one.
After about half a day, I gave up trying to put them back in their original position and just went with the flow...enjoying the "growth" and the beauty of "life" with them!

..and thats why I call it "Colors of Life"

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