Michael Anderson

That is a Wrap!

Retro Metro Mural Art Completed For Belleville Mural Project

That is a Wrap!

Known for his plein air paintings, Michael Anderson is also fan of automotive art and loves the mid-century design of the Nash Metropolitan depicted in his mural for the Belleville Mural Project completed in October. The wall art is located at Meckfessel Tire & Auto, 415 West Main Street. Michael’s portfolio of commissioned work includes automotive-themed mural art for two separate private collections of rare European cars. Also, one of his family keepsakes is the official fez that belonged to his father, a Shriner in the early 1950s and a Noble of the Ben Hur 131 lodge in Tulsa, OK.

Michael Anderson established his studio practice over 35 years ago and his clients hail from around the U.S. An award-winning gallery artist, Michael’s paintings have been exhibited in many venues including the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Cedarburg (WI) Art Museum and the Ethical Society of St. Louis. His work was chosen as the poster art for the 2021 season of Opera Edwardsville.

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