Kevin D. Miles & Wendy Sue Schaefer Miles

Alizarin Dream

  • Oil Painting
  • $6,825.00
  • Wendy Sue Schaefer Miles

"Alizarin Dream" Triptych 36"x24"-36"x36"-24"x36" $6825.00 unframed $7600.00 framed please contact for framing color.
Original Oil Abstract in lush thick paint by Wendy Sue Schaefer Miles
I love the color red. I always have. When I was a young girl, and all girls were supposed to love pink – at least that is what I was told in the 60’s. I opted for Hot Pink, which was becoming prevalent on all the girls apparel and even my beloved banana seated bike. Now, although I am not sure as of, yet I am an adult, (with my view of it from the 60’s) I opt in for Alizarin, I love saying it. I love its transparent qualities, tinting abilities, and the depth it creates. A deep red with bluish undertones that you can warm up a bit with cadmiums if you so choose.
Getting lost in this color is a challenge- it is hard to come back to reality. Enjoy this symphony in Alizarin.

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