Katy Cauker

Weight of the World - Musée Rodin - 20918-1

I spent a day wandering in Rodin's garden Paris, FR. He built himself a beautiful garden on the property with his studio and home to display his sculptures.

Weight of the World -  Musée Rodin - 20918-1

I really enjoy his sculptures, and have been several times to this museum in Paris. This particular sculpture is Fallen Caryatid Carrying an Urn was originally titled Sorrow. Caryatid is a term used to refer to goddesses from Greek mythology who carried sacred objects. They have been used metaphorically in more recent times to describe the general burden we all carry.

I find Rodin's seated figures, curled in to support their burden compelling images, as well as challenging drawing.

I always travel with a small watercolor set, pen and ink. It is an easy way to work on location when travel as it doesn't require setting up an easel, or extra care to keep brushes and paint clean and tidy, it packs easily and is light weight. I can do pen and ink drawings on the spot and add color later, use small format drawing books or sheets of paper on a board,. I generally prefer to sit but I have stood and used a railing or just held my paper with one hand and drawn with the other. It limits the sizes I work with but the convenience of traveling

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