Katy Cauker
763- Depth at Heceta Bank by Katy Cauker  Image: First layer of fish
First layer of fish

763- Depth at Heceta Bank

  • Acrylic
  • 20 x 22 x 0.75 in
    (50.8 x 55.88 x 1.91 cm)
  • Katy Cauker

Collection: Seascape x

Heceta Bank is an underwater cliff just off the coastline at Heceta Head. The land formation creates a current pattern that brings a large number of tiny crille into the area resulting in a large number of other larger marine life coming into the area to feed. It is a valuable fishing area, and ocean research area for the marine sciences. Research scientists working for the Hatfield Marine Science Institute study the interdependent nature of how healthy ocean waters nourish human populations inland. Fish who have flourished in the waters at Heceta Bank, travel inland through the rivers. Salmon, for one example, traveling up river to spawn provide nutrient rich food directly to animals, and the forests through their decaying flesh after their life is spent.

  • Subject Matter: seascape
  • Inventory Number: 765-
  • Current Location: KC Studio Gallery
  • Collections: Heceta Bank, Seascape

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