Sligo. Turquoise, Black/Plum

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 100 x 80 cm
  • Kari Cahill
  • Sold

This is one of a series of works on canvas that highlighted specific colours thrown by light across the landscape of Sligo in mid-summer. I approached this as an exercise in exploring a technique. I wanted to fully engage in the process of applying three distinct layers in various colour combinations.

The works are made up of three components; the white texture background, followed by the messy spirited splash, and finally the slow strong gradient stroke. The gradient colours were chosen by identifying the brightest colour against the deepest colour of the environment at a specific time of day. The slow steady application of the stoke, after the uninhibited gestural splash forces me to shift my thinking, and my hand-eye coordination. Each component is intuitive - moving between complete abandon and frenzied focus.

  • Subject Matter: Light & Colour Study
  • Collections: Spectrum
Sligo. Turquoise, Black/Plum
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