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Zero-risk Commissions for Custom Art

How I work with clients on a customized painting

Zero-risk Commissions for Custom Art

A few months ago, a customer at Bistro le Chat Bleu saw my painting Ride the Wave there and wanted to buy it, but it was already sold. So they sent me an email, and soon we were on the phone discussing a customized version of Ride the Wave. Could I create one with the same energy and movement as the original composition, but in colours more like another painting on my website? Hmm... that might be tricky. Sure, why not?! They sent me pictures of the space where they wanted to hang it. I created three new versions; one like the original and two in other colour variations.

No sooner had I shipped off Ride the Wave 3 (above) to Massachusetts, than I got another request. This time from someone who had one of my paintings already but wanted a bigger one. We did a video call so I got to scope out their wall space and see other art they have in the room. The creative springboard was a couple of my existing paintings that they liked. 

Up to now, I have been reluctant to take on commissions. Working abstractly the road from concept to realization is not always concrete - it can be full of twists, turns and dramatic changes in direction. But these experiences have been so positive. The look and feel of existing works, the colours, and/or a particular space can all be springboards for a customized abstract painting with its own particular destination. To keep the process chill, I work on spec without any deposit upfront. That way, if the finished work doesn't resonate with the client, it can simply be offered for sale to others. This is not an approach typically used for commissions, but it works for me. The best part is, it's fun! I get to connect with an art lover personally, talk about composition and colour, what draws them to my work, and what kind of painting they want in their home.  

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