Julea Boswell

Painted Dances welcomes audience at SOLD OUT show

A magical one-of-a-kind outdoor gallery path

Painted Dances welcomes audience at SOLD OUT show

My Painted Dances series swayed (okay, danced!) in the breeze along the tree-lined arrival path welcoming everyone to The Gathering at Farmgate Theatre on August 19, 2023This sold-out event marked the PEI debut of this colourful, mood-boosting visual art project inspired by dancers and musicians. I was overjoyed as people stopped to chat and share their responses (I heard "beautiful" a lot!).

I chose Atlantic String Machine's Rochford Square (composer, Natalie Williams Calhoun) to accompany the visual art, which played on a speaker as people made their way through the art. You'll hear it in this short video of the installation too.

Many thanks to Karen Graves for her vision and creativity in bringing together such an interesting and talented group of artists for another of her site-specific multidisciplinary artistic events. I am inspired and looking forward to more collaborations with performing artists.

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