Julea Boswell

I did it!!! I have a Fine Art degree!

Time to celebrate and say thank you…

I did it!!! I have a Fine Art degree!

The Art of Lifelong Learning

I did it!!! I earned my BFA in Visual Art! What was once an ambition set aside long ago is now a proud achievement.

When I began working on this, people asked “Why? You’re already an artist.”. Since then I’ve come to better understand and articulate the reasons why earning this degree was so important to me. The simple answer is, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But of course there’s more to it than that. Here are some of the reasons why:

- I took many hands-on workshops when I got back into painting, but eventually, I wanted a more intensive experience. Then I found the ‘open learning’ program at Thompson Rivers University. Rather than being studio-based, it is structured around extensive portfolio development. Since I was “already an artist” this made total sense!

- As an abstract artist, I express conceptual ideas that spark my imagination. Studying the history and theory of art and visual culture informed my approach and increased my confidence in what I express through my art. That’s what I was looking for.

- Acceptance into the program took into account my previous work as a dance artist, quilt designer and textile artist, and so did my subsequent portfolio development. So it was the right ‘fit’.

- For me, a BFA in Visual Art expands the possibilities for future areas of creative exploration, such as multidisciplinary projects and immersive exhibitions.

- A couple of the many artists I came to know, love, and be inspired by during my studies include Yinka Shonibare and Françoise Sullivan.

I must also mention others who have been essential to my inspiration and my success in this endeavour including my family, friends and fans (you know who you are). And especially my daughters, and my very biggest fan (not to mention reviewer, critic, editor and questioner) my husband Len – I love how you are part of my process. A big thanks to you all!

Moving forward, I will continue to work in the abstract, aiming to impart a feeling of freedom, lightness and positive vibes. To develop and create work in which, as one viewer put it, the “paint dances across the canvas.”.

Thank you for your continuing interest in my art. 

Julea Boswell

Dipl. Theatre (Dance), BFA in Visual Art, MBA

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