Janet Horne Cozens

Mucho Calore

  • 10 x 10 in
  • C$50.00
  • Janet Horne Cozens

This original work by Janet Horne Cozens is a hand pulled relief print on Japanese paper with watercolour. It comes with a black 10"x10" matte and ready to put in a frame of your choice (not included).

"We were sitting in a cafe in Cuba when a grackle came to feast on our crumbs. He would fly away to perch on the roof of the cabana and watch us for a while and then swoop down into the shade again. This print was done with three hand carved stamps."

Relief printmaking is a form of printmaking in which the image to be printed is raised from the surface. Pieces of material are removed from the surface using sharp tools called gouges. This creates a surface similar to a stamp and is sometimes referred to as "block printing".

Janet Horne Cozens is a Canadian printmaker and mixed media artist. She is newly returned to art after a long career in the music industry. She works out of the print centre at Centre3 in Hamilton, Ontario.

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