Helen R Klebesadel

Medusa Faced

  • Watercolor on Paper
  • 48 x 45 in
    (121.92 x 114.3 cm)
  • $10,000.00
  • Helen R Klebesadel
  • Available

This very large original watercolor is from my series entitled “Social Patterns” that considers the social patterns women must re-examined to consciously define our lives and roles in contemporary culture.

This particular work is called "Medusa Faced." It is about how we must face those things that most paralyze us with terror before we can move forward with our lives. The figure, wrapped in a tree of life patterned quilt, is about to 'face' the Medusa mask hanging on the wall, which is its self a grid of flowers that can represent the protection or cage of the domestic sphere.

In myth Medusa was a woman so powerful and angry that her mere glance could turn men to stone. Her head was cut off to kill her and contain her power, but then Medusa's head was used by her slayer as a weapon. This indicates that it was not the power she wielded but who controlled it that was the issue.

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