Gwen Meharg

Spring Thaw

  • Mixed Media
  • 60 x 40 in
  • $4,000.00
  • Gwen Meharg

This is one of my favorite paintings.

A store keeper once told me, "My clients are afraid of color. If I showed them a white painting they would buy it." The concept intrigued me and "Spring Thaw" is the results.

I began with bright reds and oranges and hundreds of layers that slowly morphed into this luscious "white" painting.

The colors shift ever so subtly from warm to cool. The texture and size graduates from top to bottom. The depth in this painting is almost magical. This painting, like a thick layer of ice over a frozen pond, you can never be certain if you are seeing the surface or seeing inside.

When Spring Thaw was hanging in my living room I noticed the colors shifted with the natural light in the room.

This painting needs a home where it will inspire introspection and sweet sweet memories.

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