Gwen Meharg

Sky Blue

  • Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
  • 25 x 40 in
  • $1,600.00
  • Gwen Meharg

The title of this painting is a play on words. My horse is named Blue Skies. I sing him Willie Nelson's version of Blue Skies when we ride and he likes it. When I go out to catch him I sing and he comes. No one but Blue Skies appreciates my singing.

This is a painting of blue skies reflected in the streams leading into Benbrook Lake before the leaves have fallen from the trees. Looking up the shock of blue through the thinning leaves is glorious. Looking down the reflection of the sky and the leaves is no less glorious. Riding in water is magical. Watching the seasons change is magical. Connecting with the changing seasons allows me to find beauty in myself as I enter a new season of life.

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