Gwen Meharg

Revelation: The Beginning

  • Acrylic, Pen And Ink On Watercolor Paper
  • 30 x 22 in
  • $2,000.00
  • Gwen Meharg

The first painting in the Connections Series began a late (LATE) night flight. Contemplating my next step, I considered the prior twenty-five years, post- corporate life, painting, loving, and raising six children, I started seeing THIS painting in my mind's eye.

The sun was thinking about coming up as I arrived home. I slept a little, showered, hugged my kids and started painting. I did not stop for weeks.

The Connections Series is me, quite literally, connecting the dots. A visualization of a life's journey.

Connections is an abstract exploration of the intersection of natural and supernatural. Searching rhythms and patterns in an attempt to discern a plan amidst chaotic circumstances of life, I paint.

This painting happens to be framed and it looks stunning. Simple black frame with the painting floating over a black mat. It is also available without the frame, but it does look every so stunning.

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