The Invisible I

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 72 x 60 in
  • $45,000.00
  • Frenchy
  • Available

Collection: Abstract x

This painting was not planned out. It kind of just morphed into what you see. “The Invisible” took over a month of painting and working on her for 2 day stretches. (times were still a lil crazy in New Orleans with it being only about a year after Katrina) I worked in my old Oak street studio, at 8319 across the street. I had that spot for over a decade. While Working on “The Invisible” i was only listening to James Booker records. I felt a bit possessed, painting 40 hours at a time. I was figuring out all kinds of new techniques, all on this one canvas. I fell in love with doing color washes, and creating the simulated texture. Once the invisible starting taking shape, I realized that it was turning into a wormhole thingy!.. “wormhole thingy” Those are things I see in "That Place". You know!!.,., That place we all go.,., just before we go to sleep. That one place all human beings go to everyday. (back then every other day) but seriously this was more proof to me, that we are all connected... connected not only in the
spirit land, but freaking Connected Connected... ya hurd?? “Connected by the Invisible” if someone whispers in your ear do you not feel the invisible air on your skin? Although there was no physical contact?!! BAM!! We are connected through the invisible air. That is connected to the “invisible” atmosphere. That is connected to the “Invisible” dark matter. That is connected to all that is our universe and beyond. We are talking Stars, Planets, Black Holes, you name it! Yup you’re connected to it by the “ Invisible” all that we can’t see... all that is YOU and me...

Maximum Love & Respect,
yeah you rite...
- Frenchy

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  • Subject Matter: Abstract Studio
  • Created: April 25, 2008
  • Inventory Number: 8300-1019
  • Collections: Abstract, Harrahs' Fillmore
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