“Sir Allen”

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 96 x 64 in
  • $70,000.00
  • Frenchy
  • Available

Collection: Abstract x

This painting started off as my drop cloth on top of my baby grand piano.,., wasn’t long before I decided to use literally the “piano” itself as a drop cloth, and pallet. I traced out the outline of the piano, before pulling the drop cloth to my paint table.,.,., working for over 4 months and 100’s of hours practicing certain techniques (very similar to the color washes on the invisible) that I would later implement in the final painting of Bo Dollis original painting for the 2015 jazz fess commission and later over 300 canvas prints, of which all the extra paint was re-purposed back into this piano abstract, a few weeks after Allen had passed, I had a brain snap and decided to fuse Allens portrait into the abstract piano.,., I could see it, before physically creating it! Soon after that I was asked if, I had an Allen Portrait for the Where Y’at magazine 2016 Jazz Fess issue,,, I responded, yup!!.,,but I have it in my minds eye.,. and went with my vision, worked 50 plus hours, cried, laughed, and painted my heart out, for the man who wrote, produced, and played his heart out, for our beloved New Orleans.,., Thank You “Sir Allen”

maximum love & respect,

yeah you rite.,,

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