Dusk Glen Prosen

  • 30 x 30 cm
  • £1,400.00
  • francis boag
  • Sold

Glen Clova, Glen Prosen & River Esk

As a young art teacher in Dundee I ran the school Hillwalking Club and most Sundays saw a hardy group of pupils and teachers ‘heading for the hills’
More often than not we would head to the Angus Glens, where in little more than an hour you would have gone from the inner city, through the rich agricultural hinterland to find yourself in a surprisingly rugged and challenging environment.
Challenging?.....Don’t just take my word for it..Glen Prosen is where Captain Scott did his winter training before heading for Antarctica.
The drive from Glen Clova to Glen Prosen runs alongside the River Esk and this painting tries to reimagine the little idyllic cottages we passed sitting beside the river with the purple peaks of Mayar and Dreish awaiting ahead.

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