Seasonal Starfish

  • Ink and acrylic
  • 4 x 6 in
  • $45.00
  • Dionne White

This piece is one of 2 abstract starfish in the Coastal Impressions Small Works Series -measuring 4"x6" as an ink and gold acrylic work on paper.

Observations made of the Coastal Waters and elements on Pawleys Island and Litchfield Beach in South Carolina.

As I walked the beach I would come upon the tide rushing in and out. Once in a while coming upon a tide pool where many treasures lay.

The sun changes the water in color and reflections come from above and below. I get close to see the treasures sitting safe in this pool of ocean water. Green, brown, blue, and gold, the colors dance across these gifts from the sea! Which is why I named this starfish, "Seasonal Starfish". I was there after "season" and it reminded me of the changing of seasons both in nature and in life.

I particularly love the deeply saturated hard edges where the color has "pooled" as well as the transparency of the opposite colors like beach glass.

This is a wet into wet ink technique, allowing it to sit and soak into the paper creating a stain that gives off a stained glass effect. While still quite saturated, I drop the gold in by droppers and manually move the paper to get the gold particles to separate a bit and then move to different areas. As the paper begins to dry I take a tool and score the paper in order to create visual texture then this allows the ink and gold to move into new areas settling there.

These changing colors and deeply textured crevices, with the trail of gold, are sure to stir the depths of the soul.

Collect with any other Coastal Impressions to make a beautiful and stunning coastal or abstract display! Original work matted and framed in a driftwood color frame.

Prints available as well upon request. Follow the link to purchase.

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