• Acrylic On Canvas
  • 24 x 18 x 0.75 in
  • Dionne White

Title: Consumed
24” x 18” acrylic on canvas

“My heart is the wick, your love is the flame and I want to burn for your Name.”

I Created this work today as I painted in a deep place of “flow” while listening to the Housefires 2 album. It was inspired by the song “The Wick” and I listened to it on repeat a few times.

I haven’t experienced this deep place of flow in quite a while. I honestly thought there was something wrong with my phone clock when I looked up and 5 hours had gone by!

I believe our spirits have colors. They are formless and faceless but take on the very essence of God when we are in fellowship and intimacy with Him. The purity of a spirit will refract, project and reflect a rainbow like the sun shining through a cut crystal.

Even though she has a form here it is her spirit colors that are the important thing. In some areas you cannot tell where she ends and the
Spirit begins, and vice versa. I feel that living a life of being filled with, in step with and led by the Spirit is an ebb and flow rhythm.

If you could see your spirit what colors do you think you would project and reflect?

This one speaks courage, confidence, purpose and power, blazing a path to peace. Consumed by the Spirit but yet not burned by the flames
All rights reserved Dionne White Art ©️2019

  • Subject Matter: Contemporary Inspirational Abstract
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