Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Empty boat sitting in the street.

Artist Statement: "I believe being an artist is both a privilege and an opportunity for self- expression. Through my photographic composites, I strive to create a utopian vision by presenting an idyllic tableau. I hope to remind the viewer that we are not only occupants, but also caretakers, of our remarkable Earth. The individual images that I combine are like tubes of paint applied to the canvas of the photographic substrate. After years of laboriously blending negatives in the darkroom, I discovered the digital platform, which has provided unbounded opportunities to expand my work directions heretofore impossible.

Process Statement: "Sometimes taking weeks to create, my images are a composite of multiple scanned black & white medium format negatives, processed, scanned and printed by me in a limited edition of pigment inkjet prints with archival presentation.

“Dreams of Copenhagen” was initially made in 2000 as an analog silver print by combining two negatives in the darkroom. It was recreated digitally in 2014."

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