In Need Of Grace

  • clay, oil/cold wax,
  • 58 x 7 x 6 in
  • Cindy Wedig
  • Sold

I have been very curious about the soul lately. What it looks like if anything. Where it is found. If it takes up space within our person. Anyways, these question have led me to try to depict it in a visual sense because whether or not it has a physicality it is one of the few ways human beings have to process information. This soul emerged as I was sculpting and it occurred to me this is what a hungry soul; a soul without it's maker; would look like. The red rose symbolizes hope.

Sculpture: clay, stain, oil painted eyes
Sculpture stand: wood, sculpting putty, paint
Painting: oil/cold wax on canvas

  • Subject Matter: Abstract
In Need Of Grace
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