• Oil on canvas
  • 36 x 72 in
  • Charlie Hunter

There was a pretty bad novel I read in the 1980's called TIME AND AGAIN in which the protagonist is able, through sheer mind control, to time travel between the 1970's and 1882. He much prefers 1882, which shows he a) didn't care much about voting rights and b) had good teeth. Anyway, working at this painting, close in, and then stepping back, over and over again, I sort of felt like a character in that book. It was winter when I was painting this, and more than once I wandered over on a grey afternoon, to look at where this monument to technology was being erected during the winter of 1904-1905. When it was completed, it was the longest suspension arch bridge in the world. Here's to you, J.R. Worcester, bridge engineer - you are not forgotten. I hope you had good teeth.

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