Cat Rigdon

Form V/Kourion Amphitheater

  • Oil paint on custom-cut acrylic sheet
  • 29 x 31.3 x 0.25 in
  • Cat Rigdon

Form V/Kourion Amphitheater is part of Cat Rigdon's Self Mythology series, which explores how the sea urchin form weaves in and out of her history. Having grown up on the island of Cyprus, Rigdon reminisces about her early memories of swimming through groves of prickly urchins and ruins, and the thoughts of a home she mourns.
This work has been completed with oil paint on a custom CNC-router cut acrylic panel designed by Rigdon and fabricated by Dalahast Studios. Rigdon used a florescent paint as the base layer which lends extra luminescence to the piece.

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