MSP Terminal 1, Airport Mall North Gallery
September 2021 - March 2022

When I heard of the boathouses of Lake Vermilion, I knew I needed to paint them. In 2018, my husband and I drove to Tower, Minnesota in search of these boathouses that were not easily found. We drove to the general location and luckily found a spot of land that afforded a great view of all 143 boathouses lined up along the shore of Lake Vermilion.

They showed their age beautifully through rusted metal, rotting wood, sway-backed roofs, and fading paint.
They were originally built between 1900-1950 by men who worked in the Soudan Iron Mine. In return for their salaries, the mining company provided tamarack logs and corrugated metal for building materials, as well as a long-time lease of land on which to build the boathouses.

As I painted the boathouses, I photographed them using different lenses. I then photographed the painting at its first iteration. Once back in my studio, I blended the photographs with the painting in layers using computer software.

A few of the boathouses are still used, but most are beyond usefulness. The boathouses are now on the historic register and are part of the Soudan Underground Mine State Park.

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