Castro Valley Library & Castro Valley Creek

Community Identifier Mural Projects

Castro Valley Community Identifier Mural by Robert Minervini
Ashland Cherryland Community Identifier Mural by Nico Berry
San Lorenzo Community Identifier Mural by John Wehrle

REACH Ashland Youth Center

Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus

Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center (San Leandro)

Streetscape Improvement Projects

The Sky Above and Below by Vanessa Marsh
Keep Close to Nature by Miriam Klein Stahl
All Around Us by Miriam Klein Stahl, Pippa Murray Mosaics

Department of Environmental Health

Cherryland Community Center

East County Hall of Justice

Behavioral Health Care Services, Cherry Hill Sobering and Detoxification Centers (San Leandro)

Behavioral Health Care Services, Jay Mahler Recovery Center