How to Plan and Finish Your Next Big Project: Strategies for Artists

A big project takes planning and creativity. Here's how to get it done.


Whether it's creating a new series of art, making a new artist website, or another important change in your art business, a big project takes planning and creativity.

In this session, Artwork Archive is joined by Cory Huff, founder of The Abundant Artist. Cory shows how artists can use planning concepts like time blocking and the 10/15 split to break your big creative project into something you can achieve.

We also show you how to manage your time effectively with tools like Artwork Archive.

Even if you feel like planning and creativity are diametrically opposed, you'll learn something in this fun and informative session by one of our go-to experts on being in the business of selling your art.

What do we cover in this session?
• What is time blocking and how can artists use it?
• Structuring time for part-time and full-time artists.
• Productivity tools like scheduling and reports on Artwork Archive.
• How to get your art business organized so you save time & stress.
• Using the 10/15 split to achieve your artistic goals.
• Using Private Rooms to collaborate on projects and commissions.


You can download the slides here

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