Feature Spotlight: Sharing Your Art Using Artwork Archive's Public Profile

A virtual training session on how to leverage the Public Profile on Artwork Archive to share your art online.


Your Public Profile is an easy and professional way to showcase your work and share who you are as an artist. It’s also linked directly to your inventory, so you never have to worry about separately updating the works on the Profile. What's more? You can even embed your Public Profile portfolio on your own website.

In this one-hour virtual training session, we go over how to leverage the Public Profile on Artwork Archive to share your work online. 

In this session, we cover:

• Setting up your Public Profile & the benefits of having one
• Customizing your Public Profile to fit your needs
• How to share your work using the Public Profile
• How to use your Public Profile to grow your art career
• How to integrate your Public Profile with your website.
• Using QR Labels to direct people to your Public Profile
• A few other ways you can share you work right from account
• Any questions that you have!

For the best experience, have your Artwork Archive account open and be ready to follow along!



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