Artists, Donors, Appraisers, Oh My! Better Contact Management with Artwork Archive

Get a better handle on your contacts this year with Artwork Archive’s art collection management system.

As an arts administrator, artworks aren’t the only things you manage – people are a key element of your arts organization as well. You’re coordinating with your colleagues, artists, donors, conservators, appraisers, insurance brokers, and more.

Artwork Archive developed an integrated CRM tool to help you stay on top of all of these contacts – to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

In this webinar we covered the ways you can use Artwork Archive to work smarter and simplify your day-to-day workflow.

- Create an easy-to-access digital address book with all of your contact information consolidated in one place. Save time with Artwork Archive’s contact import.
- Learn how to create robust Artist Profiles that can be displayed on your website with our embed.
- See how the Artist Upload Form saves you time when organizing exhibitions.
- Create artist rosters that can be integrated onto your website.
- Build and strengthen relationships with new donors and clients.
- Align and empower your staff by ensuring they have critical contact information at any time.
- Get the most out of your Artwork Archive account with feature tips like Contact Groups, Tags, and Report Sharing.

Artwork Archive is an online art inventory management system used by artists, collectors, and collecting institutions in over 130 countries around the world.

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