Floral Kingdom- Unlocked floral magic this lockdown inspired by British Gardens from Urvashi Patel

Short walks looking into people's garden during first phase of Lockdown, I unlocked the magic and conversation of flowers in people's gardens.

Florals became my muse during first phase of lockdown. Covid restrictions started in Spring and we spent spring, summer inside house.
I saw people working on their gardens making it their holiday destination and enjoying their gardens. I loved seeing these flowers growing everywhere and dancing with soft breeze like they are whispering, seize this moment.

I just walked past them, sometimes I stopped to click picture but after a while i stopped carrying my phone as I wanted to capture them in my own visual memories and not in my phone memories. So i just looked at them.

Some old flowers were withering and new were coming. Old had no regrets, they were like saying i lived my life fully. I made you stop in your way many times. I love the way you gazed at me and smile. I love to leave that beautiful soft scent in your hairs when you lean towards me.

That old withering flower told me that I am leaving my children and grand children to do the same for you.

I have done my job and you do yours. Live this life in this moment , here and now.
I didn't know, I will be painting this experience as this wasn't planned but somehow when I started painting again using traditional mediums, I saw these flowers started appearing claiming their space on the canvas through the imprint they left during summer season.

I didn't resist and let them take their space.
I did my job of creator, now it's up to the viewer to give space to this conversation in their homes and heart and complete my paintings.

Owning piece from this collection means

You are open to listen to your inner conversation with nature, yourself and finding something that makes you take pause and live in that moment and soak in everything around you.


Belief in yourself, Can do attitude, Living relaxed and abundant life, acceptance, not afraid to be vulnerable, resilience, Cosy evenings with hot chocolate, Morning tea with a book and birds chirping, Taking that slow walk in nature, Watching snow and rain from cosy sofa, Reliving good memories, Watering plant babies, Popcorn and Netflix.

Being aware that the Life is here and in the now.

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