Works on Canvas from Tina Alberni

Many scientists put us in the Anthropocene era. A time where humanity’s impact is so profound that it has altered the course of this earth and all life on it. A planet where so much exists in chaos and perpetual conflict, filtered by technology and our consumption, and littered with environmental, political, economic, and socio-cultural chaos, all of our own making.

I seek to vibrate with the flow of life—its physicality, spirituality, and deep truths. I tell a story of what I see and how I feel about it—built up in layers and rooted in hope and survival.

Overall, my framework joins layers of techniques and materials, fusing geometry, color, and symbolism to complete my narrative. My process beats to a rhythm and "sows the fibers of life" as I see, feel and experience it, always searching for a deeper understanding of the macrocosm and the human microcosm.

I often infuse my work with clusters of symbols organized in different ways. These symbols represent all aspects of life on the planet, like biology, chemistry, alchemy, technology, mathematics, pop culture, tribal symbols and icons of my own.

Humanity’s impact on our world is so profound and life altering that it seems all exists either in chaos, perpetual conflict or polarity between humans, technology and nature.

Going through the process of creating these clusters allows me to organize and digest the chaos, and literally open up space to breathe within the work and myself. Otherwise, all open space would be filled with chaos.

​My work, though it tells hard truths about how human behaviors and consumption habits affect life, it is about hope that mankind will find a way to create a sustainable planet where life and technological advances can live in balance.

All work is created with high quality archival materials and are sold unframed.

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