Nifty Shades of Gray from Thomas Stevens

Charcoal and Monochrome Artworks

Charcoal, and it’s cousin Conté, has been a favorite art material ever since I started attending drawing classes regularly over three decades ago. The works in this exhibition feature new directions ... more

Lake Orange Sunrise 4/29/20 36.1542N 79.1493W

  • Charcoal, White Pastel, and Wax Medium on Board
  • 36 x 36 x 1.5 in
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Sold

Sunrise on Lake Orange, April 29, 2020; reference photo courtesy of Lisa Francescon.

Drawn in charcoal and white nupastel on board, then sealed with wax medium, allows for the work to be displayed in the same way as a painting, without having to be under glass.

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