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The Price of Freedom from Phyllis Thomas

A visual tribute to the women and men of valor. 48X48 Acrylic on canvas.
A surrealistic depiction of duality offers two scenes, the top portion of everyday festivities at a typical city park. In contrast, the bottom portion reflects ... more

The Price of Freedom

  • Acrylic On Canvas
  • 48 x 36 x 2 in
  • Phyllis Thomas

A visual tribute to the men and women of valor. A visual tribute to the veteran community, for those who are suffering from PTSD. May this visual tribute serve as a reminder, for civilians to take the time, and reflect as to the living nightmare of wars past and the wars present. Never to take for granted, anyone of the military and the veteran community, for their sacrifices are met with respect and gratitude. The painting offers various symbols of wars past, from the fight units to the medics on the battlefield, to the wars, where gas masks were worn, to the elderly man today, who was once a fighting warrior in Vietnam. Honor for the men and women who were POW(Prisoners of war), and for the one who returned home, where continued support and honor is due.

  • Created: September 12, 2017
  • Inventory Number: TPF1
  • Collections: Patriotic Art Series, The Price of Freedom, Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations"
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