Daniela Roman of Paris and Springs from Amagansett Free Library

"ARTIST STUDIO, A COMMUNITY" THE IRRESISTIBLE APPEAL OF ARTIST STUDIOS ... I have been photographing artists’ studios for several years in various parts of the world... Lica Roman, my mother was a painter- engraver, and I spent my childhood near her studio. That place, at the back of the garden, was magical for me. I was not allowed inside, except to pose, sitting very still on a chair. But everything attracted me like a magnet. There was such an array of objects. As soon as you crossed the threshold, a chaos of papers, canvasses, containers, pots, brushes and the smell of my madeleine -of Proust- turpentine, so deliciously reminiscent of my mother, filled your eyes and throat. With my camera, I am now able to freely enter this space that I long considered “sacred.” Through photography, I, in turn, create portraits of each of these artists. It is in the studio that their character and personality takes shape and is revealed.

To learn more about the artist, visit Daniela Roman’s website at: danielaroman.com or contact Daniela directly at: daniela1.roman@gmail.com

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